Send by email the associated data (use the Excel template), as well as a few pictures of the sampled reaches (

Make sure the subsamples shipped contain labels with a simple code, which you will report to the Excel spreadsheet. For the code, use the following system:

DATE-COUNTRY-LAB-NAME-RIVER-TYPE, where date is the collection date, country is the country where the material was collected, lab is the initial of your lab, name is your name, river is the name of the river, type is the type of material (leaves, algal/biofilm, sediment).

Ship the subsamples of dried ground leaves, the subsamples of dry biofilm/algal and the subsamples of sediment material using FEDEX or DHL (they accept non-contaminant scientific samples) to Datry T, specifying the address and contact of both the senders and the receiver:

Thibault Datry,

IRSTEA-DYNAM, 5 rue de la Doua

CS70077 69626 VILLEURBANNE Cedex